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Girl,.You're So Beautiful, Song Release.

OFMB Presents Reggae For Christ Facebook Page.

Our Father's Music Business, Is Honoured To Present, The New Single From OFMB: Girl You're So Beautiful. The Song is under-girded by Proverbs 31:30; Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a Woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.


New Single Release

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AFRICA THE MOTHERLAND: PRESS RELEASE  Our Father’s Music Business is Honoured to Present, The New Single, “Africa The Motherland” by: OFMB. The song pays homage to Africa, the Birthplace of creation. Born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, OFMB says; “Life Is Like a Slingshot: You have to pull back the curtain on your History, to launch forward into your Destiny.”  The song is, Lively, Vivacious, Melodic and Rhythmic. “Africa The Motherland” record is available on Tidal, Spotify, Apple/iTunes, Amazon, Google-Play, Deezer, YouTube Music and everywhere Music is available for Streaming and Downloading.  “Africa The Motherland”was recorded in New Jersey and Kingston Jamaica. It was Mixed and Mastered in Kingston, Jamaica.  Please keep OFMB in your prayers as they continue to spread the Good News, of Yahshua The Christ, Worldwide. OFMB, endeavours to Present: “Music That Feeds The Soul.”


Our Father's Music Business, is Honoured to Present, The New Album, Reggae For Christ Vol 2. by OFMB. Reggae For Christ, Vol 2. Is the Follow Up Album to The Award winning and critically acclaimed, Reggae For Christ Vol 1. The Album is available every where Music is sold and streamed. OFMB prays that each person that listens to the record will Hear The Word Of God, Feel His Presence and Glorify his name. OFMB, endeavours to Present," Music That Feeds The Soul".




Our Father's Music Business will release the new OFMB Album, Reggae For Christ Volume 2 (Love Tree Inn), on November 21, 2016. This is the follow up album to the Award Winning and Critically Acclaimed Reggae For Christ Volume 1, which is a Caribbean Gospel Music Award (Best Album) recipient. Reggae For Christ Volume 2 (Love Tree Inn), offers Pulsating Riddims and Uplifting Lyrics. The Album is filled with a Spirited collection of Gospel Reggae songs that appeal to a wide cross section of music lovers. Please kindly keep Reggae For Christ and OFMB in your prayers. Thank you.